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'...Koprivshtitsa still sings heroic songs of past times. From its cobblestone streets hear the sound of galloping horses, eaves her songs of young girls embroidering rebel flags, the air is soaked with the scent of resin, thyme, wild strawberries, the wind still whispers of the rebel heroes and the story of this magical town... '

Family Hotel Roden Dom is located in the architectural reserve Koprivshtitsa a hundred meters from the square. The house was renovated two floors, noise and heat insulated. The guests have barbecue, furnace and tavern with fireplace and cable TV.

Here you can stop at least for a time and rest among the breadth of green lawn, a picturesque lush flowers to gather with friends near the barbecue, to feel the romance of bygone years to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this amazing city! We offer you an unforgettable vacation in tranquility, beauty and fresh air of Koprivshtitsa!